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Meditation that works.


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Core is your personal meditation buddy.

Hold Core in your hands while meditating and let it help you achieve the calm awareness that can be so challenging in meditation.

Core's advanced biosensors show you the connection between your mind and your body, and between meditation and your physical health. Check in with the app to get personalized insights that help you build a habit of meditation that really works, whether you're seeking relief from stress, better sleep, or a performance boost.



Farewell to FidgetinG

Core provides a soothing rhythm throughout your session, helping you stay focused in the present moment.

Confident and Balanced

Core eliminates the guesswork of "doing it right" by tracking your stress, heart health, and progress after a single session and over time.

Expand your Core

Core learns what works best for you and gives suggestions to help you stay consistent and reach your goals.



Take control of your day.

Wake up, meditate with Core, and start your day with a steady, focused mindset. Whatever it is, you got this.



Take control of your sleep.

Get ready for bed, meditate with Core, and lay down at peace with the day behind you and without anxiety about the day ahead of you.


Take control of your work.

Take 5, meditate with Core, and handle to-do lists, co-workers, and high pressure situations with a calm, powerful presence.