Actually, Meditation and Party do go together


If you're curious about learning to meditate, you're in great company. 

Millions of people get the benefits of this widespread practice -- from busy parents and stressed out students, all of us average Joe and Jolene's, to elite athletes, CEO's, celebs, and our world's top leaders. We're all looking for the same thing. 

To be at our best. Whatever that means for you personally.


Friends around the world are getting together to meditate and hang out. 

Just like you're more likely to get in a great workout if you do it with a group, planning a get-together that includes meditation means you'll definitely meditate that day AND you'll have fun with your people.


So what does a meditation party look like?

Gather humans (non-humans optional). 

Follow a guided meditation (see below).

Eat drink and be merry (and healthier).



  • Invite people. A common time frame for an evening gathering could be: Arrive any time after 7pm, sit for meditation experience at 7:45pm, drinks and food and mingling from 8:30pm on.
  • Clear floor space. Rugs, pillows, blankets, chairs are all helpful so people have a comfy place to sit.
  • Get settled from the start. People can find a spot to sit as they come in. Take shoes off if comfortable.
  • Meditate with the resources below! We suggest 15-20 minutes.
  • After the meditation, allow some time for people to think, talk, ask questions. It's usually pretty quiet and cozy for a few minutes -- as the chatty energy starts to pick up, break out the snacks and drinks!
  • Snack. And drink. Or do whatever you and your friends normally do when they get together at your house!

The one with the Experienced Friend

That one friend has been meditating for years. Perhaps they've gone to retreats or classes, and have a regular habit. They still don’t have to feel like an expert! Meditation is a constant learning process.

Experienced Friend:

  • Tell the group how you got into it, WHY you do it, and very literally what you do -- how do you sit, where, when, for how long, what do you tell your partner or kids so they don't interrupt you?
  • Bring along one guided meditation that you use, or if you don't use guided content, consider if you ever did and bring one from the resources section that feels in line with what you typically do. You may be comfortable enough to guide a group meditation yourself.

The one with the Local Instructor

Invite an expert! This is also a good option if you'd like to host a group at your office.

How to find one and what to say:

--- coming soon ---

The one where Nobody Knows What We're Doing

A common one. We got you.

--- coming soon ---

The one like a Book Club

Or add to your existing Book Club!

--- coming soon ---