Meditation for modern life

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Give yourself a boost

The connection between your brain and body is the foundation of your well-being. Let's give it some love!

Meditation helps stress, anxiety, productivity, sleep, heart health, and more, according to recent research. People feel the difference! But it's hard to do, and even harder to have confidence that what you're doing is "working." Core takes care of that -- easier meditation with guidance you can feel; immediate results and tips to keep you going.

Core is easier and gives you results

Display Core on your nightstand or desk at work. Pick it up and get a calm boost whenever you want! A subtle pulse guides you through breathing exercises and lets you know when you're done, with optional voice guidance available in the Core app. Check in with your data in the app - advanced biosensors connect meditation to your physical health so you know the effect it has on you personally. 

Core will track your progress and give you personalized recommendations to help you feel better, sleep better, perform better.

Coming soon!

A limited amount will be released soon - get exclusive first access!

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Actually, meditation and party do go together

Friends around the world are getting together to meditate and hang out. Just like you're more likely to get in a great workout if you do it with a group, planning a get-together that includes meditation means you'll definitely meditate that day AND you'll have fun with your people.

What does a meditation party look like?

Why Core?

We started Core Wellness to help people have more of those days where they feel on top of their game - confident, grounded, and healthy. Meditation became that spark for us at significant points in our lives. We're all about meditation for real life - practical, modern, comfortable, and just plain enjoyable. So to everyone who says "It's so hard to focus!" and "I don't think I'm doing it right!", we hear ya, and we designed for you. YOU can meditate, Core is here to help you make it a habit.

- Sarah and Brian, Founders

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