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In this era of over-stimulation and high stress, it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle. We plan, we analyze, we forget, we worry.  Rarely do we pause. 
When we do, when we return our mind to one thing in the present moment, we feel better. We smile more, hurt less, run faster, and work smarter.

We believe that greater happiness, health, and human potential start with the mind. That if we focus our care, innovation, and resources on mental well-being as much as we do on physical, we will fundamentally change how we engage with each other as a society and improve health across the board. We believe we can unleash the potential of every person living with confidence, strength, and joy.




Visual Designer

You are a bright, thoughtful, hard-working designer who wants to bring meditation to more people around the world. You have a great eye for digital design and interfaces and can work seamlessly with both engineering and marketing to bring designs to life in our app, packaging, online channels, and promotional materials. Importantly, you have a deep intuitive sense of how people tick and are eager to get outside the office and test your designs with users to iterate quickly and effectively. 


Growth Marketing

You are a talented and thoughtful storyteller who combines data analytics and creative intuition with purpose and ease. You have a proven track record of executing effective strategies for customer acquisition, demand generation, early growth, and retention, and can move from high level strategic thinking to hands-on execution with clear excitement for both. You are excited about the opportunity to build a new consumer brand from its foundation up.


Social Media Marketing Intern

You are an energetic, thoughtful, hard-working individual who wants to bring meditation to more people around the world. You absolutely love and deeply understand social media engagement, have a great eye for beautiful on-brand content, and have an intuitive ability to connect with people. You pay attention to the details, apply relevant data to adjust your approach, and are eager to develop attractive, engaging content for a fresh new brand! 


engineering and product


Software Engineering and Data Visualization Intern

You know something about SQL and back end development. You're excited to get experience building a system to visualize information about our users' patterns of interaction and engagement which help us understand and respond with precision and agility. You want to bring meditation to more people around the world. 


Data Science and Machine Learning Intern

You love building tools to find salient patterns in data and respond to them intelligently. Python and relevant packages (NumPy, SKL, Pandas) are your tool of choice. You're interested in biometric data (ECG, etc). You want to bring meditation to more people around the world. 


Hey You!

We are always looking for solid, all out awesome people. You know you. If you believe in our values, want to learn more about what we do, and think we probably need your skills and experience, send us a message!

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