Who We Are


We see a world where meditation is a fundamental part of every individual's daily hygiene. A world where everyone takes a moment for their mind each day - and because of this, the people around you become more present, more grounded, and quite simply, happier. This is the world we are building.

We are a tight-knit team of motivated, health-conscious, bright individuals that are determined to make this vision come true. We bring together backgrounds in Education, Consumer Product, Behavioral Science, Technology, Sports, and Music to create a diverse and collaborative problem-solving environment. Above all, we value collaboration, transparency, and determination

Senior Software Engineer

You are a bright, motivated, dynamic software engineer and leader who wants to bring meditation to more people around the world. You know you can make a difference in a small team of talented entrepreneurs and engineers. You have excellent communication skills and continuously contribute to the team, but secretly love to jump into code and get your hands dirty. You understand what it takes to take a high-quality software project into production, and will help get our team there. 

iOS Developer

You are a bright, energetic, hard-working developer who wants to develop a killer app experience. You are excited to jump into things, figure out what needs to be done, and get it done. You have a great eye for beautiful designs and interfaces and can work with the design team to translate designs into code easily. 

Embedded Systems Engineer

You are a bright, motivated, dynamic engineer who wants to bring meditation to more people around the world. You can breath reliable and elegant life into the most stubborn of electronics. You get excited about shipping connected consumer hardware and all the steps within.

Head of Brand and Marketing

You are a motivated and talented brand and marketing leader who wants to deeply impact how we approach total well-being in everyday life. This is the opportunity to take a vision we are incredibly driven by internally and turn it into a clear, meaningful presence in the world. You are a creative, proactive problem-solver and ready to get things done.


Young companies are always looking for solid, all out awesome people. You know you. If you believe in our values above, want to learn more about what we do, and think we probably need your skills and experience, send us a message!

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