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Your personalized meditation experience.


What is Core?

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We believe there’s a superpower inside all of us, and meditation is the key to uncovering it. 

But meditation is hard. That's why we've designed the world's first personalized meditation experience. Our app and product work together to guide you to a happier, healthier, sharper you. 


How it works



Hold Core

Core guides you through personalized meditation sessions. Light & tactile pulses help you focus, while biofeedback sensors monitor how your body is responding and allow you to track your progress. 


Follow Core

When we meditate, we laugh more, hurt less, run faster, work better. Core's gentle vibrations help guide your mind back from wandering thoughts and train your attention to rest on one thing. 


See Progress

Our app is your personal meditation trainer, allowing you to choose your session and track your progress. The Core app provides feedback for each session and gets smarter over time.


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Why it works

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Studies show that those of us who make meditation part of our daily routine experience reduced stress, improved sleep, better eating habits, increased focus, and even greater happiness. Sound super? We think so. 

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Put you first.