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Meditation for modern life

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Have you tried meditation before but haven't been able to stick to it? Do you feel like you’re just not doing it right? Trust us, you are not alone.

Meditation is hard. It takes time and practice, but it doesn't have to be a mystery.

We developed Core to make meditation more tangible, more practical, and more fun - so that it works in your life.


The Complete Meditation Solution

Core is designed to sit out on your nightstand or desk - not thrown on your wrist and forgotten - to serve as your daily reminder to continue your practice. Once you pick it up, Core will guide you into your meditation using a unique haptic feedback experience that pulls your mind and your physical senses together.

After listening to the activity of your heart and nervous system, Core will then show you how your meditation connects to your physical health. Over time, Core learns from your body and provides personalized tips and recommendations that help you grow your meditation practice and live healthier.

Coming soon!

A limited amount will be released soon.

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Why Core?

We started Core Wellness to help people have more of those days where they feel on top of their game - confident, grounded, and healthy. Meditation became that spark for us at significant points in our lives. We're all about meditation for real life - practical, modern, comfortable, and just plain enjoyable. So to everyone who says "It's so hard to focus!" and "I don't think I'm doing it right!", we hear ya, and we designed for you. YOU can meditate, Core is here to help you make it a habit.

- Sarah and Brian, Founders

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